Advanced Bounty Program
You earn it and let your friends!
EtherDragons Arena referral (bounty) program is partnership program which let you and your friends to receive regular earning in our game without any your activity. And no investments required to participation, it's enough to buy at least one cheapest dragon Gen0. After connection to our bounty program you'll get affiliate link which helps you to invite your friends and anybody other.

Please attention! You can receive interest only after the official start of the game.

How it works?
And now I have a link. What more? How bounty program works?

This scheme is very simple.

You received affiliated link and invited your friends into the game. After this moment you will earn 10% of every purchase of dragons Gen0 you friend do. But this is not all! If your invited friends connect to program and engaged their friends then you will earn 7% of every purchase which friends of friends will do! And if they too connect to program and too invite somebody then you will earn 5% of they purchases of dragons Gen0.

On the scheme shown above you can see that you will receive revenue up to 5th level of invited players!

How long will bounty program last?
The answer is simple — EVER! EtherDragons Arena developers apreciates their gamers very much and therefore they set bounty program unlimited in time! While there is a game there will be bounty program!
What can I do to earn more?
You can do much! Your earning is in your hands!

At the first understand game, it's rules and mechanics. EtherDragons Arena offers to gamers several ways to earn inside the game. Thus you can rent your dragon for rent, sell new breeds of dragons and fight on arena with bets in real currency (ETH). Select what you like more and do it!

At the second after you understand game you can explain to your friends what EtherDragons Arena can be useful for them. And then they use your affiliated link more willingly and helps you to enlarge your earnings!

At the third talk about game as much as possible! Make posts in social networks, publish reviews, talk to everybody about game, bounty program and about ways of earning! And don't forget share affiliated link — И не забывайте давать вашу реферальную ссылку — The more followers you have, the more you can earn!
Are you interested?
Wonderfull! So rather buy dragons and connect to the program! Let's go!